Pouring Forth: An Ode To The Importance Of Concrete

Why Concrete Water Tanks Are Better Than Metal Alternatives

When it comes to water tanks that people choose to install in their homes, there are two major options: concrete water tanks and metal alternatives. While plastic ones are also available, most people see them as less permanent and long-lasting, which is generally true. However, there is also a stark difference in quality between concrete water tanks and metal water tanks, with the former being a step above in almost every respect. Read More 

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

You might be considering whether you should install epoxy flooring in your garage or whether to lay plain grey concrete. To help you realise the benefits of epoxy, consider the following points. Brighter Garage Epoxy floors have a shiny surface that reflects light, so they brighten up a garage more than flat grey cement. Contractors can add shimmering minerals and flakes to heighten the lustre. Reflective flooring will maximise both natural and artificial light. Read More 

How Much Do You Know About Slipform Paving?

There are several methods of laying concrete. Choosing the technique to use for your paving depends on the cost, equipment available and personal preferences. The best builders often advise on the method you should use depending on the outcome you want from the structure. On that note, slipform paving is one technique you should consider when paving your surfaces. In this process, the builder consolidates a mass of plain cement concrete (PCC) by pulling pre-made forms through it. Read More 

Fantastic Reasons to Install Precast Concrete Slab Foundations

The use of poured concrete slabs as a foundation type for new buildings is very common in construction, but did you know that it's also possible to have concrete slabs prefabricated off-site and delivered on-site for installation? This method of construction is referred to as precast concrete construction and it delivers many terrific benefits over traditional site-cast slabs. Check out some of the top benefits of building your foundation with precast concrete slabs below. Read More 

Deciding Whether An Asphalt Pavement Needs To Be Resurfaced Or Repaved

One of the amazing things about asphalt pavements is that they are easy to install and provide an amazing surface to pass on, regardless of the weather. However, for your asphalt pavement to serve you for a long time, you need to ensure that it is properly maintained at all times. With time, and even with the best maintenance, the damages on the pavement may be too much to be repaired, and that is when you have to decide whether to resurface or replace the pavement. Read More