Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

You might be considering whether you should install epoxy flooring in your garage or whether to lay plain grey concrete. To help you realise the benefits of epoxy, consider the following points.

Brighter Garage

Epoxy floors have a shiny surface that reflects light, so they brighten up a garage more than flat grey cement. Contractors can add shimmering minerals and flakes to heighten the lustre. Reflective flooring will maximise both natural and artificial light. Though, with a brighter garage, you'll rely less on artificial light and save money on energy bills.

Easy to Clean

Standard concrete forms porous flooring, full of tiny holes that tend to absorb spills of oil, grease and other substances. After a while, it tends to look grimy and stained. Epoxy flooring, though, forms a hard and non-porous, easy-to-clean surface. You can wipe and mop away spills of chemicals, oils and other elements, and the floor will remain pristine.

More Versatile Space

A garage with grungy grey concrete doesn't create an appealing space that encourages you to relax and enjoy. Once you create shiny, attractive epoxy flooring, you might be more inclined to use the garage rather than waste the space. For instance, you could create a home gym, an artwork area or another purpose. New flooring will instantly lift the whole area and make it more appealing.

Design Versatility

When contractors lay epoxy flooring, they mix resins and hardeners, which fuse into a hard cover. Because they can add various pigments and flakes to colour and pattern the flooring, you can design it with great freedom to harmonise with your environment. Epoxy flooring can even mimic beautiful surfaces like granite and marble, so you can generate different looks. Additionally, this treatment can hide any minor cracks and flaws in the concrete. Any major structural problems, though, will need to be fixed beforehand.


Of course, any flooring that you install in your garage needs to be durable in order to withstand heavy vehicles. Epoxy flooring creates an extremely tough and durable surface that even suits factory and warehouse environments, so you can be assured that it will handle all that a home garage can throw at it. If you want to refresh the flooring in a decade or so, contractors can treat the flooring and add a new epoxy layer. They won't need to rip it up and start again so long as the existing surface is structurally sound.