Characteristics of Block Retaining Walls Contributing to Their Unwavering Popularity

Having a sloping property can be quite frustrating, more so if you would like to have usable land on your residence. Fortunately, you do not have to settle for having your backyard on an incline. Instead, you may want to consider investing in retaining walls. While these structures are made from different materials, such as timber and sandstone, you should know that concrete blocks are a top choice for many Australian homeowners due to the array of advantages that they offer. You should also know that your choice of materials will dictate how functional your retaining walls will be in the long term. So why opt for concrete blocks? Here are some of the characteristics of block retaining walls that contribute to its unwavering popularity.


The last thing you would want is for your retaining walls to collapse when pressure is exerted on them. Yet, this is what will happen with materials such as timber since they lose their stability over time. This is not an issue that you will have to be concerned about when you opt for concrete blocks. When the concrete blocks are installed, the concrete contractors will utilise steel bars for further reinforcement on the retaining walls.

Thus, they will not only be secured close together, but they will also be firmly established into the ground. Secondly, the design of the blocks ensures that they fit into each other tightly, and this works to create solid retaining walls. The stability that block retaining walls offer will ensure that soil does not transfer from one level of your yard to the next. Hence, you have the flexibility to make the best use of your yard.


The second characteristic of concrete block retaining walls that makes them a popular option for Aussie homeowners is their pocket-friendly price. The leading reasons why block retaining walls are much more economical than their counterparts are is that they are constructed from poured concrete. Not only is concrete readily available, but it is also an affordable material.

The second reason why lock retaining walls are economical is that they are durable. Timber retaining walls, for example, may add visual appeal to your yard when they are initially installed. However, this material is vulnerable to both wood rot as well as pest infestations. Therefore, you need to invest in routine maintenance if your retaining walls are to serve you for a long time. Block retaining walls, on the other hand, are not susceptible to these forms of damage, making them an affordable solution for the long term.