Pouring Forth: An Ode To The Importance Of Concrete

Three Ways To Use Coloured Concrete For Your Outdoors

If you're looking for ways to enhance your outdoor areas, consider coloured concrete. Not only is this surface durable and long-lasting, but you can customise it endlessly. Here are several ways to incorporate it into your landscape. Driveways If your driveway shows oil and dirt stains, decorative concrete is an ideal way to refresh the surface. A coloured and textured covering will disguise grease marks and stay looking new for longer. Read More 

Understanding the Advantages of Using Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mixed concrete is made according to the requirement of the client, and the plant will mix it before it gets delivered to the client. This reduces the hassle of needing to mix it on site. Your time will not be wasted and the concrete can be used right away. The measurements are also precise based on what you want, which means you will only pay for what you will use. No materials will be wasted. Read More 

Concrete Repairs and Renovations: Why GPR Scanning Would Be Ideal

If you own a commercial property, there will come a time when you may need to either update or upgrade your property through concrete renovations and repairs. With increasingly high tenant expectations, to maintain a competitive edge means having structures that are not simply aesthetically appealing, but highly functional too. The design of your commercial property may have been modern several decades ago, but with advancement in technology and architectural design, there could definitely be some room for improvement. Read More 

When Is It Time to Replace a Concrete Driveway Rather Than Repair It?

Patching concrete is not always very difficult, as there are patching compounds you can buy at most hardware stores and which mix up in a simple bucket, without having to get out a wheelbarrow and shovel and mix up a huge batch of actual concrete. However, this doesn't mean that you should always patch up concrete driveways, as there are times when certain damage may signal that you need a new driveway altogether. Read More 

Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Your Concrete Patio

If you have plans to install a concrete patio, you may be thinking about doing it yourself. While this is often something you can handle as a DIY project, it is important that you learn from common mistakes other people tend to make. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes in order to have a well-constructed patio without any major mishaps. Not Excavating Properly Before you lay down the concrete patio, you need to do some excavating. Read More