Three Ways To Use Coloured Concrete For Your Outdoors

If you're looking for ways to enhance your outdoor areas, consider coloured concrete. Not only is this surface durable and long-lasting, but you can customise it endlessly. Here are several ways to incorporate it into your landscape.


If your driveway shows oil and dirt stains, decorative concrete is an ideal way to refresh the surface. A coloured and textured covering will disguise grease marks and stay looking new for longer. You don't even need to rip up your old concrete. So long as it's structurally sound, you can pour an overlay on top for a quick and easy solution. 

To harmonise the drive with the environment, pick up hues from the siding or roof and repeat those tones. Opt for earthy, rustic colours or vibrant shades. Stamping and other techniques can create a track that looks like brick or natural stone. Concrete is notoriously durable and is ideal for areas with heavy traffic; just seal it periodically to keep it looking its best.


On a beautiful day, there's nothing like relaxing out on your patio enjoying the view. However, if it's not looking its best, this can detract from the vista. To update the area, install decorative concrete. Colour and texture options are vast. Stains react with cement to create variegated marbling effects, giving an organic result. Texture treatments include broom brushing, which creates swirl and fan textures. Alternatively, contractors can finish the concrete to look like gravel. Because you can colour the concrete virtually any shade, you can create a unified design that marries it to your home's architecture and the surrounding foliage.


Concrete is easy to pour into any shape, so it's ideal for winding paths that meander through your garden. Harmonise the walkway with the patio and other areas by echoing a hue or texture. For depth of colour, apply full strength dyes, or for a pale wash, dilute the pigments. To create a natural feel, fashion the concrete to mimic flagstone pavers, which could also border the deck area. Concrete endures all kinds of weather with little effect, so your path will require minimal maintenance. It won't rot or warp. And because concrete forms a solid surface, weeds won't sprout through gaps, creating a messy look. This eliminates the need to undertake routine weeding of your pathways and patio. You're left to enjoy the garden and admire your beautiful hardscape areas created via coloured concreting.

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