Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Your Concrete Patio

If you have plans to install a concrete patio, you may be thinking about doing it yourself. While this is often something you can handle as a DIY project, it is important that you learn from common mistakes other people tend to make. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes in order to have a well-constructed patio without any major mishaps.

Not Excavating Properly

Before you lay down the concrete patio, you need to do some excavating. You may think this isn't necessary since the ground looks flat and is mostly clear of debris, but there is no telling what is beneath that soil. It is best to find out now and excavate the right way then deal with an uneven concrete patio later on. Dig up the area where the patio is going to be built, removing any debris you find. Remove weeds, rocks, tree branches, and other debris underneath the soil. You will then level out the soil and make sure it is completely flat.

Installing the Patio on Wet or Loose Soil

The condition of the soil underneath the concrete patio is just as important as making sure it is level and clearing it of debris. If the soil is still wet from watering your yard recently, wait until it has dried completely before attempting to lay down the concrete patio. If the soil is not dry, it can make it harder for the concrete to cure properly. You also want to make sure the soil is nice and tight, compacting it as much as possible before installing the concrete.

Failing to Follow the Concrete Mixing Directions

When you mix the concrete, it is essential that you read the directions and follow it exactly. You need to do this in order to get the right consistency and texture, but also to make sure the dry concrete and water has the right balance. If it is too thick, it is harder to pour, but if it is too watery, it is thin and not stable enough for a patio. You are going for a texture similar to chunky oatmeal. If it is not yet this consistency, keep mixing until you get it right. Don't be lazy about this or you will regret it later when you have to call in a professional to fix it for you.

Rushing Through the Installation

If you are pressed for time, hire a professional, like one from Ellcon, to install the concrete patio. You won't like the finished result if you don't put in the full amount of effort for preparing the site, mixing the concrete and pouring it, making sure it is level and free of bubbles. Rushing through the installation is often where a lot of mishaps take place.