Why Concrete Water Tanks Are Better Than Metal Alternatives

When it comes to water tanks that people choose to install in their homes, there are two major options: concrete water tanks and metal alternatives. While plastic ones are also available, most people see them as less permanent and long-lasting, which is generally true. However, there is also a stark difference in quality between concrete water tanks and metal water tanks, with the former being a step above in almost every respect. Here are a few reasons you should always stick with concrete instead of metal when it comes to choosing the storage solution for your water.

Less Chance Of Infected Water Supply

Concrete takes many decades, sometimes centuries, before it will begin to decay to the point where you will find chunks of it in water supplies. Metal, on the other hand, is far more susceptible to the passing of time, especially when it is in contact with water. There are also quite a few harsh chemicals that are used in the creation of metal water tanks that, after a certain amount of time, can leak into the water supply as well. While there are ways to test for this and make sure it does not affect you, why bother when the alternative solution is so much simpler?

Better Insulator

Concrete water tanks have thicker walls and, importantly, are not as susceptible to the changing of heat as metal is. Metal is a great conductor of temperature, which is great for certain scenarios, but holding water is not one of them. If you don't want boiling water coming out of your tap on an already hot summer day, or if you prefer your water to not potentially freeze over during winter, then concrete offers your most insulated option, due to its increased thickness and inherent qualities. While it is not the best material ever when it comes to insulation, compared to metal and plastic, it is miles ahead.

Built To Last Longer Than Your House

Concrete has been in use for thousands of years in one way or another, and during that time, the formula has been refined to perfection. Modern concrete can withstand tremendous amounts of pressure and changes to its surrounding environment without so much as a dent or chipped corner. While metal is strong, it doesn't have the durability you want in a foundational element of your home. There are some things that it is best to invest in, and your home water tank is one of those things.