Fantastic Reasons to Install Precast Concrete Slab Foundations

The use of poured concrete slabs as a foundation type for new buildings is very common in construction, but did you know that it's also possible to have concrete slabs prefabricated off-site and delivered on-site for installation?

This method of construction is referred to as precast concrete construction and it delivers many terrific benefits over traditional site-cast slabs. Check out some of the top benefits of building your foundation with precast concrete slabs below.

Accelerates the construction process

Precast concrete construction makes it possible for certain construction activities to happen concurrently. For example, you don't have to wait until site preparation and excavation work is complete to start laying the foundation of your building. 

Your foundation slabs can be fabricated off-site while the site preparation and excavation activities are ongoing and delivered to your site for instant installation. This saves time that would have been spent pouring a concrete slab and then leaving it to cure.

Improves project quality

Adverse weather such as heavy rain and hot temperatures can have undesirable effects on the strength development and appearance of your slab.

For example, delamination is a common structural and cosmetic defect that can occur when a concrete slab is poured during hot weather conditions. Pouring rain can also affect the internal strength and surface appearance of a concrete slab by leaving patch marks and pores on freshly poured concrete.

Precast construction of concrete slabs prevents external factors from interfering with the pouring and curing processes. It also ensures concrete slab casting occurs in optimal conditions. This helps improve the quality of concrete slab foundations, as well as the overall project quality.

Increases site safety

Builders are generally responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone present on their construction sites. Having a smaller inventory of building supplies on-site and performing fewer construction activities can mean better safety for your workers.

Using precast slabs means no raw materials have to be brought to your site for concrete slab construction. It also reduces the need for traditional formworks and extra workers, thus enhancing safety in the workplace.

There are distinct benefits to using both precast and cast-in-situ concrete slabs. The right option for you depends on the requirements of your project, as well as your budget – precast systems are generally more expensive than traditional site-cast concrete. A concreting specialist near you can help you determine the best way to install your concrete slab foundation.

To learn more about concrete slabs, reach out to a local concrete contractor.