Learning to Drill Concrete Like a Professional Contractor

While most construction workers and contractors are familiar with concrete drilling procedures, it is a great skill to learn for crafty do-it-yourselfers or those who have a few repairs to complete around the house. From concrete walls to driveways, the most common need for concrete drilling is to create a channel for pipes or wires or to install an anchor or concrete fastener, so if either of these sound like your eventual goal, read on to determine the tools you will need and precautions to take. Read More 

Understanding the Different Maintenance Needs of Your Bridge

Whether privately or publicly owned, bridges have to be tended to regularly. The core goal of doing so is to safeguard those using the bridge (motorists and pedestrians), as well as the property around it, including nearby structures. Bridge maintenance also helps to prolong the life of the bridge, thereby curbing the high costs that would be required for new installations. If you own a bridge or are responsible for managing one, you will need to commission some of the following maintenance services at one time or another. Read More 

Commonly Asked Questions about Paving a New Driveway with Asphalt

Asphalt can be a good alternative to concrete when it comes to your home's driveway, as the material is very flexible and bends and shifts with the soil underneath it while concrete can get very brittle and crack with shifting soil. Asphalt may also be a good choice in colder climates because of its softer texture, as extreme cold may also cause concrete to crack more readily. Before you're ready to have a driveway paved with asphalt, note a few questions you might ask your contractor. Read More 

4 Modern Concrete Cutting Methods Used in the Construction Industry

If you are a budding concrete construction contractor, concrete cutting will be an inevitable part of your job. The best part is that you no longer have to worry about using drop hammers, which can cause significant damage to surrounding areas, to cut through concrete material. There is a number of modernised concrete cutting methods that involve using specialised machinery or equipment to leave behind a smooth, clean concrete finish. To achieve high-quality results, here are 4 key modern concrete cutting techniques you can use today: Read More 

Questions You Might Ask About Concrete Core Drilling or Cutting

Core drilling refers to using a special drill with a round tip that is meant to cut through concrete. The tip can be very small and just wide enough to run wires or conduit through concrete, but it can also be several feet or meters wide. The larger drill sizes may be used for large plumbing pipes that need to be installed under roads or driveways. Larger drills that are this size are often mounted onto the back of a special truck to keep them steady and in place while in use. Read More