Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Maintaining Concrete Floors in a Production Facility

Concrete floors are very common in production facilities, as they're strong and durable and also fire resistant. They're a good choice for when your facility will have forklifts and other heavy-duty equipment running inside the building, as they may be less likely to scuff or become damaged than vinyl tiles and other such flooring materials. However, many building owners and managers don't realize how to maintain those concrete floors or keep them in good repair. Read More 

Choosing material for your commercial kerbing

Kerbing isn't solely a practice performed to edge roads and streets, it can also be something you have performed in a garden to distinguish different parts from each other. It's also common to have driveways and various paths on your property kerbed, to put up a visible line between different purpose areas. Depending on your business, there might be certain conditions that prevent you from using certain types of kerbing, or you might want to have certain aesthetic qualities in your kerbing material. Read More 

Why Choose Aluminum Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is of great importance as it aids in construction purposes. A scaffold is used to support construction workers during repair, maintenance and construction of various buildings. It provides a platform for the materials and workers when working ensuring their safety. Apart from construction and repair work, scaffolding is also used to access high objects or cleaning windows for tall buildings. There are different types of scaffolding in the market today, based on the material used to have them made. Read More 

Top 4 Concrete Wall Sawing Tips

Concrete is specifically designed to be a durable and strong material. This means that cutting through concrete can sometimes be a long and tedious task. If you are attempting concrete wall sawing, sawing using a diamond blade can be the best method available. Before you begin sawing away at the concrete, it is important that you understand the most helpful tips involving technique and function of diamond cutting blades. Wet/Dry Blades Read More 

3 Questions to Ask before Paying for a Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps are often preferred over conventional concrete mixture trucks for various reasons. Top on the list of these reasons is that concrete pumps allow for faster and easier placement of concrete. With this in mind, a concrete pump is a must-have piece of equipment for every serious DIY homeowner. Here are three questions that a DIY homeowner should seek to have answered when buying their first concrete pump. Which Valves Does the Pump Use? Read More