4 Modern Concrete Cutting Methods Used in the Construction Industry

If you are a budding concrete construction contractor, concrete cutting will be an inevitable part of your job. The best part is that you no longer have to worry about using drop hammers, which can cause significant damage to surrounding areas, to cut through concrete material. There is a number of modernised concrete cutting methods that involve using specialised machinery or equipment to leave behind a smooth, clean concrete finish. To achieve high-quality results, here are 4 key modern concrete cutting techniques you can use today:

Core drilling

Core drilling in is a concrete cutting method used to create openings for pipes, wires or air conditioning vents to fit through. Basically, it is the cutter's way of making accurate, circular holes on the concrete material. A concrete coring driller will use steel tubes that have diamond-tipped bits to do the job. Even though it may look easy, core drilling is a job that requires lots of expertise and precision.

Diamond drilling

Diamond saws used to cut through concrete structures run speedily and precisely. They allow you to cut rebar and other metals that are used in the concrete construction process. Diamond saws operate almost noiselessly and produce a small amount of vibration, and this helps cause minimal disturbance to people in the surrounding environment. At the same time, these saws are less likely to damage surrounding parts of the concrete.

Flat drilling

Also sometimes referred to as slab sawing, this type of concrete cutting process is normally used to cut through concrete on flat surfaces such as floors, pavements and bridge decks. In this method, the saws used are placed on a walk-behind cart that requires only one operator to push it from the rear. Such a technique can help you reach wiring or piping concealed underneath concrete building floors, roadways, bridges, etc.

Wire sawing

Concrete cutters usually opt for wire sawing for much larger concrete cutting projects where no other techniques are practicable. Wire sawing is especially useful when extremely thick concrete structures with irregular shapes need to be cut. A diamond-beaded cable is draped around the construction and the wire sawing assembly, which is powered by fuel or electricity, effectively cuts through the concrete material. Operating wire saw machinery is an extremely complex job that should be left to the professionals. Wire sawing is an ideal way to cut and remove reinforced concrete, which has metal bars placed inside it during construction.