Questions You Might Ask About Concrete Core Drilling or Cutting

Core drilling refers to using a special drill with a round tip that is meant to cut through concrete. The tip can be very small and just wide enough to run wires or conduit through concrete, but it can also be several feet or meters wide. The larger drill sizes may be used for large plumbing pipes that need to be installed under roads or driveways. Larger drills that are this size are often mounted onto the back of a special truck to keep them steady and in place while in use. If you need concrete core drilling or cutting done on your property, note a few questions you might ask of such a service.

1. Note how deep their radar can scan

Before any type of cutting or drilling is done for underground construction or installation, you want to have the ground thoroughly inspected. This is especially true for cutting through concrete, as you want to know if the ground can support the cut without the concrete collapsing and want to know how to direct the cut for installing pipes and other materials.

Most concrete cutting or core drilling services will use a type of ground penetrating radar that allows them to get a clear picture of what is under the concrete they will be cutting. If you need a very deep cut or drill done, you need to ask about the depth of their radar. If it cannot penetrate the depth you need cut then it doesn't matter the depth of their drill, as it's important to ensure you have a safe cut that works around anything underneath the concrete.

2. Always ask if they're qualified to work in your particular setting

Not all core drillers or concrete cutters can work in residential areas, industrial settings, and the like. Working in a residential area will often require special permits for the oversized equipment you may need, and some industrial areas will require a concrete cutter to have a certain safety rating. They too may need certain permits, safety equipment, and the like in order to work in an industrial area.

Never assume that all concrete cutters and core drillers are the same but always discuss your area and note if they are qualified. Also note if they need special clearance for their equipment to fit onto your property and if they need to do a pre-inspection of your site before the day of the cut or drill.